Need to talk to someone? Call us at (587) 782-3259 or email us to connect.

Need to talk to someone? 

Call us at (587) 782-3259 or email us to connect.

Family and Patient Stories

Patient and Family Stories
Patient and Family Stories

Everyday, our patients and their families show strength and resilience that inspires us all. On this page, you can read about their experiences, challenges and victories. If you have a story that you’d like to share, please fill out this story submission form, and a member of our team will follow-up with you.

If you have questions or concerns with any of the stories listed, or if you need to talk to someone, we’re here. Get in touch with us at (587) 782-3259 or

Sorted by diagnosis, you can also check out Stories of Hope by Saskatchewan’s Little Hearts Family Group.

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