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Day 1 – A Digital Story by Jennifer

This digital story is based on the first chapter of her book When Your World Stops; Finding Hope in Your Child’s Medical Journey. Jennifer wrote this book because she saw the need for a resource to help transition families into the medical world.

Jennifer’s PCIU Journey

Jennifer’s story starts with the first day in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) which was the day her life as she knew it stopped and radically changed direction. Continuing the story in her book, Jennifer dives into a variety of short stories to help parents navigate life with a child with chronic health. Jennifer shares honestly about working with medical teams, the emotional impact for the whole family, and finding strength and joy through it all.

Digital Storytelling

A digital story is a short movie that blends a storyteller’s voice, carefully curated images, and music into a finished digital video between three and five minutes long. 

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A digital story by Jennifer

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