Need to talk to someone? Call us at (587) 782-3259 or email us to connect.

Need to talk to someone? 

Call us at (587) 782-3259 or email us to connect.

For Healthcare Providers

For Healthcare Providers
For Healthcare Providers

At WCCHN, we are entirely dedicated to supporting children with heart conditions and their families. Sometimes this means supporting the healthcare professionals who care for them, too. While we provide the regional structure that helps to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes, it’s the hundreds of healthcare professionals who come together everyday that make the real impact.

That’s why we make it simple for healthcare professionals to find what they need. If you’re a clinician looking for database training materials, or an international colleague seeking to refer a patient, you’ve come to the right place.

For WCCHN Healthcare Providers

Please login to the WCCHN HQ to find information on:


Apply for funding or involvement in WCCHN programming

Services and Data

The process to request services or data for your local program


Guides and resources for the WCCHN Referral Database and Centripetus quality registries


Internal and organizational contact lists and directories

For External Healthcare Professionals

Employment and Training Opportunities

Partner hospitals within the WCCHN network share expertise and train future leaders through pediatric cardiac residencies, continuing medical education, and cross functional training programs. Although we are not directly involved in the hiring or training process, we can connect you with the people who are.

Referring an International Patient

Some of the world’s most experienced and renowned child cardiac specialists work inside our network’s partner hospitals. We routinely liaise between healthcare professionals both locally and abroad. To refer an international patient for services, please contact our office to be connected with a partner site.

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