Need to talk to someone? Call us at (587) 782-3259 or email us to connect.

Need to talk to someone? 

Call us at (587) 782-3259 or email us to connect.

Accessibility Information

Guidance on making this website more accessible

WCCHN is committed to providing services, information and resources that are helpful to users of diverse abilities. The WCCHN website has been designed and developed to reflect this.

Text (font) size

If you require larger or smaller text, you can use your internet browser to adjust the website’s text size. This is typically done via the browser’s Settings or Preferences.

Alternatively, you may “Zoom in” on the website using your keyboard by holding the ‘Ctrl’ key and pressing the ‘+’ or the ‘– ‘ keys ‘Cmd’ and ‘+’ or ‘–’ for Mac users. Using a keyboard and mouse with a scroll wheel, hold ‘Ctrl’ (for a PC) or ‘Cmd’ (for Mac) and use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.

Media and PDF files

Some of the content on this website is available to view in streaming media or view/download in PDF file format. For streaming media, you may be redirected to an external video hosting website, such asYouTube. For PDF files, you can typically use your browser to access and view, however you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website).

Additional information

Additional information on using your browser to make this site more accessible is available from the following external sources:

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