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Financial Planning

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Oftentimes parents defer thinking about finances when their child is in the hospital. “Thinking about finances will just add to my stress” is a common hesitation. While it is true that you need to focus on your child first and foremost, many parents who have gone through surgical experiences note that thinking about finances early can help to avoid stress later on.

The truth is, families with children who have CHD might be impacted financially, especially if travelling to receive services. Costs can sometimes be hard to predict, but proper planning and tracking can help you be well prepared.

Some of the expenses you might have to think about include:

  • Time that you or your partner might need to take off work
  • Travel related costs if you are going to another city to receive care (accommodations, parking, etc.)
  • The cost of new prescriptions
  • The cost of new medical devices not covered by insurance
  • Airfare, gas/parking, ferry or transit fees


It is important to understand what is covered by your provincial health care. Each of the western provinces has its own guidelines. Your child’s care team can guide you through what is covered and what is not.

Some financial planning tips include:

  • As you incur expenses, always track and keep all receipts. You may discover later that many of these expenses are eligible for reimbursement or tax credit if you can provide proof of the expense.
  • Try to book accommodations that offer discounted rates to families with children being admitted to hospital. Your child’s care team can point you in the right direction.
  • If you need to travel to another city or province, look into organizations such as Hope Air, which can help offset the cost of air travel.


If you require financial assistance, it can be helpful to look into possible sources of support as early as possible. The Heart and Stroke website has a listing of financial support programs available in each province and Canada-wide. In addition, your child’s care team can put you in touch with a Social Worker, who can help you identify and access financial support that might help to cover the costs related to hospitalization, travel and time off work.

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