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Transitioning to Adult Care

Transitioning to Adult Care
Transitioning to Adult Care

For both parents and children, transitioning from pediatric to adult care is a significant step. There will be new information to learn, new responsibilities to take on and new care providers to work with. The resources on this page can help you and your child understand what’s involved and plan for a successful transition.

Trusted Online Resources

The Canadian Adult Congenital Heart (CACH) Network
This website contains information and resources for adults living with Congenital Heart Disease.

Family & Community Resource Centre: Youth in Transition
A website developed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) for youth aged 12 and up that provides information on how to transition to adult care.

Heart & Soul
Produced by the Children’s Heart Network of BC, in collaboration with BC Children’s Hospital, this extensive resource covers topics related to Congenital Heart Defects, including transitioning to adult care.

I Heart Change
A website created by Toronto Sick Kids to assist young people with Congenital Heart Disease, their families, friends and health care providers in making the transition to adult care.

The BC Children’s Hospital developed ON TRAC to help children and their families make the transition from pediatric to adult care. The website is full of resources, information, activities and links to aid in a seamless transition.

Well On Your Way
An Alberta-focused website that contains information for youth, young adults and their parents/caregivers on making the transition to adult care.

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