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Need to talk to someone? 

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Lucky – A Digital Story by Maddie

Name: Maddie

“It’s hard enough being a teenager, but when you are in heart failure it can be even harder. With peers not understanding the gravity of the situation and calling me lucky, it triggered me.” ~ Maddie

Digital Storytelling

A digital story is a short movie that blends a storyteller’s voice, carefully curated images, and music into a finished digital video between three and five minutes long. Maddie, along with five other adults with Congenital Heart Disease, attended a 20-hour multi-day Workshop where they created their digital stories.

The workshop was organized by Common Language DST trained facilitators, Kristy Wolfe & Kristina McGuire, in partnership with Heart Beats Children’s Society of Calgary and funded by the Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network.

You can learn more about the digital storytelling workshop at

A digital story by Maddie

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