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A Cardiac Pitch Competition

Fueling Innovation | Accelerating Change

Do you have an idea about how to help cardiac kids or their families?

Is your pediatric heart project ready to take the next step?


Stop waiting for the pieces to fall into place.

Get the support you need to launch and succeed. 


Game Changer

WCCHN presents BoostUp, a pediatric cardiac pitch competition designed to give good ideas a leg up. Innovators and change-makers across Western Canada are invited to ideate and pitch for funding. Give your project a boost by building, testing, and validating your plan.

Let WCCHN help fund the mission. 


Pitch applications are open to small teams, any role, any discipline, any department, any pediatric cardiac site across Western Canada (family support groups included).

If your idea is to the benefit of pediatric cardiac patients or their families in any way, or to the benefit of the services provided by a pediatric cardiology program, you are eligible to apply. 

Examples of successful pitches might include things like educational resources, teambuilding activities, multicenter research initiatives, quality improvement and data analytics projects, equipment requests, peer support opportunities, etc.

Pitch for whatever amount you think you will need. Award values range from $1,000 to $10,000 and may be split into two streams for presentation based on value amount. 


How it Works





Ideate and Innovate

Try us! Tell us what you have in mind, why you want it or need it, and what your plan is to bring the idea to life. Bonus points for teams or projects that span more than one province or site, and for those that hold demonstrated potential for wider expansion. Need help making connections in other provinces or at other sites? Email us and we’ll introduce you. 


Converse and Convince

Present your easy, functional, proof-of-concept plan in front of a live audience. Our panel of esteemed judges will provide you with on-the-spot feedback in front of a live audience. Feedback is designed to promote feasibility and sustainability so you can stay in action for the long run. The Judges will rate pitches against a pre-established set of criteria. View the judging rubric here






Succeed and Celebrate

A number of prizes ranging in value from $1,000 to $10,000 are available.

Not interested in applying, but want to watch people try? Register to attend as a member of our live audience here. All audience members get to vote for their favourite, and the first 100 registered to watch will also be entered into our $500 “Pay it Forward” Audience Raffle so we can give their good ideas a shot, too.  


Evaluate and Iterate

Winners will use their award to test run their idea within twelve months of winning. All winners will join our BoostUp Alumni and are given an opportunity to feedback their successes and learnings to a wider community. When having a platform to lead by example, we can grow opportunity to team up, iterate, expand, and accelerate change.  



Why this is different


Think of this as the opposite of a grant application. Instead of creating huge documents and scientific proposals, you will create four minute pitch presentations for your proof-of-concept product or service proposal. Plan just enough features to be usable by early consumers who can provide feedback for future project development. This validated learning will help teams to iterate by starting with something small and allowing good things to grow progressively. 

Getting started isn't
for the faint of heart

Making the best decisions and having the right resources is
the difference between thriving and going back to the drawing board. BoostUp will help you to: 

Take the Leap



Local projects having trouble securing startup funding

Projects ready to launch but needing some quick cash flow to get past the first steps

Projects looking to collaborate across western Canada

Smaller projects looking to expand and go big

Teams needing some extra support, resources, connections, or guidance to launch successfully and sustainably


Opening Remarks


Teams 1 - 3 Pitch


Pay it Forward Audience Raffle


Teams 4 - 6 Pitch


Judge Deliberation + Audience Q&A + Audience Vote


Winner's Circle + Closing Remarks

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"A good start with a focus on positive, continuous change will outperform the perfectionist in the long run."

A year from now, will you still be at the drawing board, or will you be championing your change?



At the Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network (WCCHN), little hearts are our big calling. For over 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that children with heart disease – and their families – receive the best cardiac care available. By using a regional approach, we bridge some of the greatest minds and best facilities across provincial borders to achieve a shared goal: providing world-class care to children in Western Canada, when it’s needed the most.

To learn more, visit wcchn.ca


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BoostUp: Expression of Interest

WCCHN BoostUp: Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in WCCHN’s BoostUp Pitch Competition.

This pitch competition is designed to give good ideas a boost up. Any site, any discipline, any idea... So long as it is to the benefit of pediatric cardiac patients, families, or clinical teams in some way, it is eligible. Community applications from patients, families and/or friends are absolutely eligible to apply.

Funding can be used to start a project, try a pilot, expand an existing initiative, or purchase something helpful to families or staff. You know the need the best. So tell us about it and let us help!

If you are selected to pitch, you will be contacted by our office in the months leading up to the competition. You will be invited to develop a 4-minute pre-recorded video that will be played during our live online event. After the video, you will meet with our judges on Zoom, and have four minutes to take (and answer) their questions. All of this will happen in front of our live Zoom audience, and the winners will be announced before the night is through! 

Note: Seed funding has no cash equivalent and is paid by direct vendor billing or expense claim reimbursement following proof of purchase. 

My Idea

Tell us more about what you have in mind.